A Picture of Florida Man September 7

Florida Man September 7

According to local media reports, a man apologized but was embarrassed to greet firefighters in Florida after setting a fire to his house while trying to make cookies on George Foreman’s grill.

According to the Miami Herald, smoke was coming from a Niceville house on August 27th when a naked male confronted authorities at the door. The house was filled with smoke, and many items were on fire at that point.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, he said “I’m sorry” and shut the door.

According to the Herald, the man “showed no sign that he understood the danger he was facing.” According to the Herald, he later admitted that he had smoked marijuana and consumed two liters of vodka. According to the Daily News, firefighters advised him that smoke poisoning could have caused his death. In oxygen masks, firefighters carried the burning items out of the home.
Black background with fire.

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