A Picture of Florida Man September 6

Florida Man September 6

FORT LAURELDALE, Florida (AP). Police said that a 28-year old man was awaiting his sentencing for attempted murder charges. He threw urine at the prosecutor in a Florida courtroom.

The attack occurred Wednesday in the courtroom of Susan Alspector, Broward District Judge. Albert Narvaez, now charged with assaulting Broward’s Assistant Attorney-General Andrew Newman.

According to Sheriff Broward’s report, urine was found in Newman’s mouth and all across his clothes. The report doesn’t say what container Narvaez used for urine storage in the courtroom.

According to the Miami Herald, Narvaez attacked Newman and threw urine at his face shouting, “He told us to do it!” He didn’t say who he was talking about.

Hearing the verdict was delayed.

Jeff Marcus, Chief Assistant State Attorney, stated that they were “absolutely outraged by” the incident

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