A Picture of Florida Man September 5

Florida Man September 5

MARATHON, CBS Miami – On Tuesday, a Florida man was taken to jail for carrying nearly 200 illegally obtained lobster tails inside his car. Jordi Escalante Carillo, 25, was stopped by the Marathon deputy head of the Middle Keys Department on Tuesday night for a traffic violation. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Carrillo was driving a vehicle with an unreadable tag.

The MP said to Carrillo during a traffic stop that he could smell marijuana inside the car. Carrillo couldn’t understand the MP because he only spoke Spanish. Carrillo denied any illegal activity in the car, and a Spanish-speaking sergeant helped with the translation.

The deputy discovered a large container containing wrung-out lobster tails while searching the car.

According to the sheriff, Carrillo acknowledged that the lobsters belonged and that he stabbed them throughout the night. Carrillo was awarded 191 spear-slaughtered lobsters. He also had 150 smaller lobsters and 185 more than the limit.

Monroe County has a limit of six lobsters per person and per day.

The vehicle was not found to have any other illegal smuggling.

Carrillo stated that he doesn’t have a commercial fishing license.

Carrillo was sentenced to prison

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