A Picture of Florida Man September 30

Florida Man September 30

September 30, 2019, 12:21 ET – Updated September 30, at 12:21 PM BOCA RATON Fla. (WPTV/ CNN/ Gray News) – Social media has the power to make life easier.

A diver located the iPhone and gave it back to a Florida man who lost it on a boat trip more than a year ago.

Marshall Sklar was not expecting the shell-covered phone when he went diving for lobsters off Boca Raton’s coast after Hurricane Dorian.

He said, “It was 40 feet in the water.” “I couldn’t tell what it was for.”

The owner had only one key.

Skylar stated that there was a fishing license behind the case and that it was in excellent condition.

He posted the photo to Facebook on September 6th, hoping to find a new owner.

Skylar asked, “Does anybody know this guy?” Skylar said that he found an iPhone X while diving off Boca’s coast. A license was attached to the back of the phone by the owner. ”

The license for sea fishing read “Carmen M. Miranda III”.

They met almost three weeks after they posted on Facebook.

Miranda called Miranda back, and Sklar was sent a six-pack.

Miranda stated that he only owned it for two weeks after he lost his $ 1,200, iPhone X, in June 2018. It looks great, however.

The phone still has the ocean’s remains. He said, “I was going call Apple and say, ‘I don’t know what’s going on with mine, it just stopped functioning,'” with a deadpan expression.

Miranda will instead leave Miranda to tell a great story about the iPhone, the fishing license, and the power of social networking.

According to reports, the couple rode their bikes without lights in downtown Fernandina Beach. The deputy stopped them after a car almost ran them both over.

According to the MP, Thomas and Mondarao smelled like alcohol and had bloodshot pupils so he placed them in the back of his patrol car. They got very excited at that point.

The couple began to undress while the policeman was still in the car. Thomas was naked when the deputy sheriff opened the back door. Mindanao was also naked.

Thomas ran to the nearest parking lot after he was pulled from the car. Later, authorities found out that Thomas was hiding behind a cold-stone oil mill.

Megan Mondarano and Aaron Thomas were both arrested and charged for DUI. Thomas was also charged with theft after he ran naked from a police cruiser while attempting to retrieve the handcuffs.

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