A Picture of Florida Man September 29

Florida Man September 29

DEVI, Florida. According to police, a Florida man was charged with cruelty to animals after he shot a small dog.

According to the Davie Police Department, Johansen Concepcion De la Ros shot a small dog using a rifle of large caliber with a scope on September 29, 2018. According to police, De La Ros was shooting the dog from his balcony.

Davy said that Davy knelt and raised the crosshair, firing the gun, which killed the dog.

Police claim that the dog’s owners didn’t know what had happened, and the dog began to bleed from his mouth.

Princess, an 8-month-old puppy owned by a girl aged 8, was named after Princess. According to police, the family moved from another state the day before and had just arrived in the area.

De La Ros was found in the apartment, and the rifle was taken. He was then arrested for cruelty towards animals.

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