A Picture of Florida Man September 28

Florida Man September 28

COUNTY OF CITRUS (FL). After allegedly abandoning his grandmother, burying him in the woods, and trying to flee the country, a Florida man was arrested.

On September 28, MPs were sent to 10244 N. Academy Drive, Citrus Springs, to check their welfare.

Concerns were expressed by relatives from the area about Esi Gabrielsen, a 79-year old woman from Dunnellon. Arthur Miller, 36, told them conflicting stories about her whereabouts. Deputies found that the house was abandoned and “full” of animal and human feces.

Gabrielsen wasn’t at home.

Detectives discovered that Arthur Miller and Vivian Gutierrez (32-year-old) had just left Arkansas to claim that they had placed Esi into a nursing home.

Later, he changed his story to say that his grandmother had died. He buried her. Detectives started looking into the possibility of murder at that point.

Detectives found what looked like a shallow grave within a wooded area, about one mile from their home on Saturday. These remains are identical to Ecie Gabrielsen’s description.

Miller and Gutierrez tried to cross the border at Las Cruces, New Mexico on Sunday.

Miller confessed that he had neglected Gabrielsen’s death and buried Gabrielsen in a shallow wooded grave.

Both were taken into custody in the same case of negligence. Miller was also charged for a serious crime that involved the abuse of a human being. Additional payments are expected.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast said, “We love Ms. Gabrielsen’s loved ones with all of our hearts.” “This is a tragic occasion to report after looking at the facts. Mrs. Gabrielsen deserved better.”

In the next few days, the couple will be extradited to Citrus County.

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