A Picture of Florida Man September 22

Florida Man September 22

According to Florida police, the man who attacked another man in a parking dispute will not face charges or be arrested.

Marquis McGlockton dumped Michael Drake, 47, on Thursday after he collided with his girlfriend, who was parked in a garage for disabled people.

Drake then shot McGlockton in his chest, while still lying on the ground.

According to police, they did not arrest Mr. Drake due to state law that requires them to “stand their ground” and “shoot first.”

Individuals who assert self-defense after a shooting or other violent incident are protected by the law from civil or criminal prosecution. I refuse to accept the law. I enforce the law,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said at a news conference on Friday. …

“I will enforce this style of writing. Others might disagree about whether or not they like it. ”

He stated that the case would be reviewed and decided by a state lawyer.

The sheriff stated that the lawyer must provide “clear, convincing evidence” that he did not have the right to use force.

McGlockton is seen running back into the building clutching his chest, as the footage was captured on a security camera located outside the convenience store.

Eyewitnesses claim he fell unconscious before emergency personnel arrived to help. He was pronounced dead at Clearwater’s hospital.

According to police, Mr. Drake cooperated with officers when they arrived. He also had a valid concealed weapon license.

After a shooting death of an unarmed teenager in 2012, Advocate Your Positions was brought into question. George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, shot Trayvon Mart as he returned from Sanford.

After Zimmerman was released by Florida police, they cited the law.

More than 480,000 people signed petitions calling for his arrest. He was finally brought to trial but was not found guilty of any charges.

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