A Picture of Florida Man September 21

Florida Man September 21

Sheriff arrests Florida group homeworker for allowing Down syndrome sufferer to die in a hot van while he slept: sheriff

Pinellas Crossroads worker Joshua Russell (26 years old) nursed a Down syndrome patient and brought him back to the group home. Russell, 35, decided to return from the hospital and stayed at his house. John Lapoint was left in the van.

Russell used to eat karat in his own home. Russell explained to MPs that he ate karat because he wanted to feel more alert.

Russell took kratom and jumped back into the van. He continued to move. Russell felt tired and nauseated on the return trip. He parked his van in the driveway and took a break.

Russell later noticed that Lapoint wasn’t breathing when he woke up from his van heat.

Bob Gualtieri of Pinellas County says that Russell tried artificial respiration, but was unable to revive Lapointe.

Russell, who was armed called his mother, telling her that he was planning to kill himself after realizing what had happened. Russell’s mother advised him not to kill himself.

His mother called 911, and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office responded that they were at 82nd Avenue, just off Oakhurst Road in Seminole.

The paramedics had already declared Lapoant dead when the deputies arrived on the scene. Russell fled the area on foot and was armed. Russell, 26, told the MPs that he was planning to commit suicide when he was found by them.

Russell was eventually taken into custody by the deputies. Sheriff Gualtieri stated that the van was at 125 degrees when Lapoint died.

Gualtieri stated, “You know that this poor man got baked in that vehicle. That’s what happened.”

Russell was charged with the aggravated murder of a disabled adult.

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