A Picture of Florida Man September 17

Florida Man September 17

Nassau: Florida couple, Aaron Thomas and Megan Mondarano were arrested after having sex in the back seat of a police car.

According to reports, the couple rode their bikes without lights in downtown Fernandina Beach. The deputy stopped them after a car almost ran them both over.

According to the MP, Thomas and Mondarao smelled like alcohol and had bloodshot pupils so he placed them in the back of his patrol car. They got very excited at that point.

The couple began to have sex while the policeman was still in the car. Thomas was naked when the deputy sheriff opened the back door. Mindanao was also naked.

Thomas ran to the nearest parking lot after he was pulled from the car. Later, authorities found out that Thomas was hiding behind a cold-stone oil mill.

Megan Mondarano and Aaron Thomas were both arrested and charged for DUI. Thomas was also charged with theft for removing his handcuffs while he ran naked from a police cruiser. Megan Mondarano and Aaron Thomas were both stopped for having had sex in a police car’s back on September 17.
Nassau: A couple from Florida, Megan Mondarano and Aaron Thomas, were taken into police custody after they had sex in the backseat of a police vehicle.

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