A Picture of Florida Man September 16

Florida Man September 16

WEST PALM Beach, Florida. Authorities say that a Florida man is being held responsible for the strangled death of a woman who was found dead on a Florida road three years ago. He also faces charges of murdering three other women in the state during the mid-2000s.

Robert Hayes was arrested by Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies on Sunday. He is accused of the reprehensible killing of Rachel Bay. Rachel Bay’s body was discovered three years ago by a motorist on the road. On Monday, a judge denied Hayes bail.

According to court records, Bey, 32 years old was a prostitute and her jaw and many teeth were broken. Hayes, 37 years old, was not arrested in Daytona Beach. However, police stated at a press conference Monday that he was suspect of the murders of three women in 2005, 2006, and 2006.

“We believe we killed a serial murderer from the street. Captain Michael Wallace, Palm Beach Sheriff, said that additional victims will be investigated. He stated that investigators would concentrate on the time period between Daytona Beach’s murders in 2005 and 2006, and Bey’s death ten years later.

“If we hadn’t put him in jail, he’d have done it again and we would have had other victims,” stated Palm Beach Sheriff Rick Bradshaw.

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