A Picture of Florida Man September 15

Florida Man September 15

According to police, a man was found crawling under Florida International University library tables and sniffing the feet of a woman. He was arrested just days after the complaint.

According to Miami-Dade Police, Eddie Huang, 52, was taken into custody Tuesday. He was charged with sex offenses registration violations, fleeing, dodging, reckless driving, and aggravated assault.

FIU police had previously sent a notice to students warning them that a man had been seen under a table at the campus library’s library on August 29th. It also included a description of the man and a photo. A man matching this description was seen riding a scooter Tuesday miles away from campus, according to authorities. Officers tried to stop the movement but the man fled and crashed into a tree, according to authorities.

It was not possible to immediately find the collateral information. Juan may have a lawyer.

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