A Picture of Florida Man September 12

Florida Man September 12

According to police, the employee of a Florida construction company stabbed five people Wednesday after learning that he was being fired.

Antvanne Brown (41), was arrested for five counts of attempted killing after she allegedly used a pocket knife and stabbed five people. This included Dyke Industries employees as well as another interviewee at the Tallahassee facility. According to the ATC of the city. According to the city ATC, Brown arrived at work in a “good mood,” according to a colleague who provided him with a lift. Brown was in a “good mood” before he arrived at work, according to a colleague who gave him a lift. However, Brown allegedly heard his boss say “fire em,” the boss stated. Brown allegedly grabbed his boss by the pockets and entered into a fight with him. Brown, who was “fearful that Brown would get his weapon”, armed himself with a piece of wood. Brown was told to quit his job.

According to the affidavit, the 41-year old man called his pastor and asked for forgiveness. The pastor then called the police. Brown is alleged to have stabbed five people, and then attacked another. Bobby Riggins’ wife was calling him to interview for Dyke Industries jobs around 8:30 AM when chaos was heard.

“The next thing that I remember, he told me, ‘Baby I was stabbed five more times,” said Marquette Campbell, a Tallahassee Democrat. She claimed that her husband called her later to inform her that he was experiencing internal bleeding and needed surgery. On Wednesday afternoon, one victim was in serious condition while two others were in good and two in satisfactory condition.

Brown was taken into custody outside the facility. He was charged with five counts each of attempted murder in the first degree and aggravated attack with a deadly weapon.

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