A Picture of Florida Man September 10

Florida Man September 10

PALM BEACH GARDENS in Florida. Florida resident claims his Facebook invitation to people to photograph Hurricane Irma was a joke. He said that Sunday that he didn’t expect anyone to take his offer seriously.

After Rion Edwards, 22 years old, posted an invitation to Daytona Beach stating that “IT’S This Watch A Wind Head By IRMA To Say That They Pushed Us”, more than 50,000 people had signed up as of Sunday. ”

Edwards stated in a Sunday Facebook post that “it looks like this joke got into the minds of a number of people.” People in my inbox are getting fucked up because they believe this is actually happening. I don’t know if to laugh or sigh. ”

Hurricane Irma: Keep checking our website for the most recent updates about this powerful storm
Facebook users seemed to be able to see that Edwards wasn’t serious. He posted photos and comments mocking Florida stereotypes, including pot-bellied men wearing only underwear and carrying guns and rifles.

Pascoe County Sheriff’s Office sent out a tweet late Saturday night to clarify the situation: “DO NOT fire your weapon (hashtag), Irma.” It won’t turn around, and it will cause dangerous side effects. People were killed by falling bullets

Edwards stated in a Facebook post that there was a lesson to learn from his viral story.

Edward wrote, “It was amazing to see the response on Facebook.” “On the other side, I discovered that approximately 50% of people cannot understand sarcasm enough to save their own lives. Continue. Continue.

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