A Picture of Florida Man September 1

Florida Man September 1

MIAMI (AP). MIAMI (AP) – A South Florida homeless man was charged with stabbing a tourist hailing from Chicago.

Miami Beach police reported that Jonathan Crenshaw (46 years old) stabbed Cesar Coronado (22) just after midnight on Tuesday.

According to The Miami Herald, Crenshaw is a well-known figure in the area. He is known for his paintings in trendy South Beach.

According to Crenshaw’s arrest report, Crenshaw claimed he was lying when Coronado approached and hit Crenshaw in the head. According to police, Crenshaw attacked Coronado two times and then fled.

Coronado’s friend said that Crenshaw suddenly leaped up and punched Coronado in his arm. He was taken to hospital.

Crenshaw was charged with an aggravated battery.

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