A Picture of Florida Man October 9

Florida Man October 9

DAYTONA BEACH (WOFL FOX 35), FL – A Minneola man was looking for extra thrills in Hurricane Matthew. He burned his truck in front of reporters at Daytona Beach.

Brandon Ware (20) was taken into custody for reckless driving on Friday morning and sent to Volusia County Jail.

The T-shirt Ware was wearing was honest and ironic, with the words “(expletives), speeding tickets” written on.


According to police, Ware died in his black GMC truck at the 700 block of South Atlantic Avenue. This is where the film crew was located. Police claim that Ware was reckless and speedy while making several turns at the base of the bridge.

Records show that Ware was released Friday night from prison after posting $ 500 bail.

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