A Picture of Florida Man October 8

Florida Man October 8

Palm City: Timothy Kepke, a Florida resident was arrested following a viral video that showed him pouring beer in the mouth of an alligator. The man was also reported to have been bitten by an animal.

Kepke told police just minutes before that Noah Osborne, 22, had caught an alligator using his naked hands. The duo then released the animal into the wild after a beer-feeding session that was captured.

According to the man, even though he and his friend had drunk several beers that day, they claimed that they weren’t intoxicated at that time. The private video was eventually obtained by the police, who went to the house of the man to question him. He confessed shortly thereafter.

Noah Osborne and Timothy Kepke were both arrested on October 3rd and charged with illegal alligator abduction.

October 8

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