A Picture of Florida Man October 4

Florida Man October 4

According to authorities, the Florida man who shot his father-in-law, jumping from a bush to surprise him for his birthday, won’t face any prosecution.

Christopher Bergan, 37, arrived in Norway from Norway on Tuesday night. His father Richard Dennis surprised him. At a Thursday press conference, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson spoke.

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According to the sheriff, the shooting was “completely random” but that it was preceded by another incident at 9:30. Dennis was allegedly struck on the head by a relative that evening. According to the sheriff, Dennis was hit on the head by a relative. He ran outside.

Bergan surprised his father-in-law by arriving at Gulf Breeze in Pensacola two hours later.

According to the sheriff, Mr. Dennis hears a knock on his back door at 11:11. He turns on the lighting at the back porch and walks out. Mr. Bergan jumps out of the shadows to scare Mr. Dennis.

Bergan made a growling noise when he leaped from the bushes. A police report was cited by the sheriff.

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