A Picture of Florida Man October 26

Florida Man October 26

A South Florida Donald Trump supporter was charged Friday with sending bombs homemade to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Federal criminal statements mentioned thirteen devices. Billionaire Tom Steyer reported the 14th device and called for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump supporters skeptical of homemade bomb arrests: “I bet they lie for $500”
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Cesar Sayok was taken into custody at an auto parts shop in Plantation City, Friday morning. His white van was covered with decals applauding Republicans and denouncing the president’s opponents and was parked outside.

Sayok, 56, is a Miami suburb who lives in Aventura. He has a long history of arrests. According to social media, Sayok works as a booking agent at a live broadcasting firm and was a former fighter. At a Washington press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that Sayok was accused of five crimes, including threats. Against former presidents, against current and former federal officials, and the distribution of explosives. These charges were brought to Manhattan’s federal court.

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