A Picture of Florida Man October 25

Florida Man October 25

(CNN) A Florida man was charged with two-year theft of $ 14,000 worth of suits from Walt Disney.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released a video showing investigators fighting Patrick Spikes as they question him over the House of Mice thefts.

Detectives claimed that the 24-year old tried to seize the phone he had used to photograph the stolen property, before posting it online.

The investigator said, “So these photos now are online and they are linked with your phone number. Did you submit those photos?”

Spikes replied, “No.”

Investigators claim that Spikes and Blateen Taunton stole costumes and wigs from the haunted mansion of Magic Kingdom earlier this year.

According to law enforcement documents, Taunton was an employee of Disney and used his ID for entry into the restricted areas at the parks. MPs stated that he would then upload behind-the-scenes photos to his Twitter account, BackDoorDisney.

Spikes is also accused in stealing a bomber jacket and oversized headphones from Buzzy, an animatronic character from Epcot’s Wonderful Life indoor attraction.

According to the detectives, the pair would then be able to sell many items online and make thousands of dollars through their transactions.

Spikes, Taunton, and grand theft are all charged.

According to authorities, the couple has been selling online products for more than two years.

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