A Picture of Florida Man October 21

Florida Man October 21

Boca Raton (Florida) (AP). Florida resident now faces manslaughter charges in connection to the beating of a vagabond last year. His track record includes the arrests of “Peeping Tom.”

According to news outlets, Victor Van Vickery II, aged 30, was arrested last week in connection to the death of Asaad Akkar, 57.

According to Fort Lauderdale police records, Vickery and his girlfriend saw someone through her window at midnight on July 2, 2018, according to Fort Lauderdale police records. According to her, Vickery ran outside and captured the man after she called the police. Officers were told by naked Vickery that Akar was found with his pants unbuttoned.

According to records, the woman was issued a restraining or against Vickery in August 2018, after she pleaded guilty to assaulting her ex-girlfriend.

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