A Picture of Florida Man October 17

Florida Man October 17

A Florida man without a shirt rescued a large alligator from the pool of a homeowner on Tuesday.

Paul Bedard, an alligator hunter, is seen in a video posted to social media wearing glasses, a bandana, and a bathing suit. He takes the 8-foot, 8-inch alligator from a Parkland pool. In the pool. I hadn’t seen a large-sized alligator in the swimming pool is probably a year so I was excited when I received the call.

Bedard said, “It’s great because the alligator cannot go anywhere and water is almost always clear.” So all I have to do is get in the water and play with him until his mouth starts to ache. I can either trap him and capture it or I can keep him quiet and just record him. If he’s really energetic, I can make it so that I can pick it up and take it outside. Then I can tape it on when I get there. As he leaves the pool, Bedard is seen hugging the alligator.

You might recognize Bedard from Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys” which, as you may have guessed is about saving alligators from their backyards or pools.

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