A Picture of Florida Man October 15

Florida Man October 15

JACKSONVILLE (Florida). According to the Florida resident, he refused to give in to an armed man who entered his house on Friday and wentuged his eyes.

Richard Golden claimed that he was at his Jacksonville home when someone broke down his glass door. He was confronted by a man with a rifle demanding money.

He claimed that he had fought an armed man before he was able to take the upper hand.

“He struck me on the head with his gun and my friend intervened to distract him. I was able to distract him and make my move. I grabbed him and locked my pistol. “Golden told WJXT. -A TELEVISION.

Golden claimed that he placed Timothy Hinson (identified as Timothy Hinson) in the castle, and poked his eyes with his fingers.

While he waited for police to arrive, Golden made sure Hinson did not escape.

“I sat down on him and wanted his eyes until the police arrived. He was beaten with his own gun until police arrived, Golden stated.

He stated that he wasn’t sure why he was being targeted for a crime, as he hadn’t seen a suspect in his entire life.

Golden lost his hands in the fight and his dog ran off because his gate was not locked during the fight.

Hinson was taken to the hospital for treatment and then arrested. Hinson remains in prison on $ 250,000 bail.

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