A Picture of Florida Man October 14

Florida Man October 14

DELTONA (Florida) – A Florida man was previously accused of burning a 3-year-old boy with gasoline. Now he is facing charges of lighting another child with boiling water.

News outlets cite the Volusia County Sheriff’s Statement to report that Terry May, 47, was arrested on Thursday and charged for child abuse and severe bodily harm.

According to the statement, violence was reported to MPs by daycare workers for a 3-year old boy after they noticed burning on his back. According to the statement, May was found to have accidentally peed on the floor and had burned him.

According to the report, May was charged last year with the burning of a 3-year-old girl. However, no charges were ever filed. According to the report, the case was closed last summer with no information status. It is unknown if he has a legal representative.

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