A Picture of Florida Man October 1

Florida Man October 1

MIAMI. A Miami woman was recently arrested for driving on an interstate, while a male remained in control of the car’s front.

An ex-girlfriend captured the horrific incident on camera and a shocked motorist tried to get her to stop.

The dispatcher made emergency calls to the center.

“She turns my car around, and I’m on top of it.” I need your help. ”

CNN identified the man in the hood as junior Francis. He said that he was scared the whole time. Patricia Isidore (the woman driving the car) said that Frances was her ex and described him as someone who wouldn’t leave her alone.

Francis said that he and his girlfriend needed a car the night before, but that his girlfriend, who is also his mother, beat him repeatedly. He claimed he was trying to stop her from leaving their shared house by jumping in the car.

Isidore pulled off the highway and took the man out when he refused to get out. The man was clinging to the car’s hood for the next 19 miles.

Motorists can be heard shouting at her for stopping the car but she initially refused.

She was ultimately arrested and charged for criminal negligence.

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