A Picture of Florida Man November 8

Florida Man November 8

NOVEMBER 8, 2008 – According to court records, a Florida man identified himself as “Ben Dover” and was charged with interfering in the provision of police officers with an assumed identity.

A deputy sheriff requested that the man leave Palm Harbor Park, a suburb in St. Petersburg, on Tuesday. The policeman made a sworn statement and stated that John Chestnut Park was closed at 6:00 PM. He was also preparing to issue a warning about border trespass to park visitors.

“The accused replied by indicating his name as Ben Dover when he was asked to identify himself,” stated Deputy K. Baldwin.

After showing the cop his middle finger, the man hit him in the face “as though he was going to strike him.” The man fled on foot but was eventually detained after a brief chase.

It turns out that Dover was actually Andrew Leighton (22-year-old Palm Harbor resident). Leighton was accused of two offenses, obstruction by a disguised individual and resisting an officer. After posting a $ 300 bond, he was released from the county jail in the early hours of yesterday morning.

We were unable to contact Phil McCracken or Haywood Jublom for information on Leighton’s arrest. 1 pp.

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