A Picture of Florida Man November 7

Florida Man November 7

(CNN News) – On Tuesday, a man in Florida made a dangerous move and the entire thing was caught on camera.

Surveillance video captured him jumping into a pond full of crocodiles. But that’s just the beginning.

All of this took place on a Florida livestock farm in St. Augustine. The video shows the man jumping into the water after he was in the aviary for many hours.

“Crazy. One tourist said it was absolutely crazy. One tourist said, “How could anyone be so stupid?”

The farmworkers discovered only Crocs shorts, and Crocs boots the next morning. The farmworkers thought it was a joke, but then they saw the blood. They called the police. They then watched the footage again.

One of the 12-foot crocodiles attacked the lucky man before he was spotted climbing over the fence trying to escape. A neighbor found the man, who was limping around in the area and muttering about being taken, hostage.

“I believe his business was that he kept repeating: “I was a hostage at a place where alligators can be found.” 

The suspect is currently being treated at the local hospital. The incident did not result in any injuries to the animals.

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