A Picture of Florida Man November 28

Florida Man November 28

Police say that a man masturbated in front of a Miami supermarket on Saturday afternoon.

CBS Miami reports that an elderly man asked him to stop and he did, long enough to punch him in his face.

Kerry Dewane Vandergriff (39), is accused of getting drunk in a parking garage – pulling his pants down and indulging in himself so that everyone can see. According to the Miami Herald, Vandergriff was approached by an elderly man. It didn’t work out.

Police say Vandergriff became angry and began punching him. He also cut his side.

According to local media, officers arrived at Wandergrieff’s home and took him into custody. He was said to have bloodshot eyes and difficulty walking upright. He also had difficulty speaking and spit alcohol. According to CBS Miami, the cops took Wandergrieff to the hospital where he once again tried to take matters into his own hands. According to the station, this time it took place in a corridor right in front of medical staff and police.

After the hearing was over, he was taken to jail and charged with a battery pack against a 65-year-old man, indiscriminate drinking, and… obscenity exposure.

According to The Miami Herald, Vandergriff, a Jacksonville resident, celebrated his birthday on Sunday. It is not clear how Vandergrieff could have celebrated behind bars.

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