A Picture of Florida Man November 23

Florida Man November 23

LAKE WELLES (Florida) – A 38 years old man was charged with shooting and killing another man in Polk County on Thanksgiving Day.

According to the Polk County Sheriff, Stephen Nicholas Hunt, 38, from Winter Haven was charged with first-degree killing and possession of a firearm by a felon. This is after Stephen Edward Roberts, 45, was shot to death at his Lake Wales home.

Day MPs stated that they responded to Roberts’ home on Lake Buffum Road, Lake Wales, and found him suffering from a gunshot to the head. The incident occurred after a woman called at 2:30 PM to report that she was calling Roberts to inform her that she had traveled from Hunt to the Circle. After the incident, Gas Station K was located at 7695 Highway 60 East in Bartow.

According to the sworn statements of the arrest, she told MPs that Roberts and Hunt first drove to Hunt’s house to take him to Walmart. Then, they went to Roberts’ house on Lake Wales. She claimed that she had taken a shower at Roberts’ house after hearing Roberts talk in her master bedroom. Then she heard what sounded like a gunshot.

Hunt told MPs first that he had gone to Circle K with an eyewitness, but didn’t know what happened at Robert’s house. Then, Hunt said that he suddenly remembered that he was at Roberts’ house when he died.

Hunt stated in his affidavit that Roberts tried to give him the gun in his bedroom. Hunt claimed that Roberts then told Hunt to close the door and leave. Hunt then heard the shot as he walked off.

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