A Picture of Florida Man November 21

Florida Man November 21

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Nicholas Anthony Sardo (21), was arrested and charged with four counts of animal sex/bestiality.

MARION (Florida). According to MPs, the man from Florida was repeatedly arrested for having sex on a miniature horse.

Deputies report that a witness came forward on October 16 to claim she saw Sardo having sex in the pasture at a relative’s house with a miniature pony named Jackie G. three days prior.

Another witness also came forward and said that she had seen it. According to the sheriff, she approached Sardo and shared what she saw. Sardo immediately admitted to her that he had sex on a horse and gave the same confession as to the detective investigating this charge.

Sardo said that the detective claimed that he had sex four times with the horse during the week. In a press release, the sheriff’s office stated that he used condoms every time because he didn’t want to infect the horse.

According to the sheriff’s Office, Sardo also told the detective that he knew that he was wrong about the things he did.

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