A Picture of Florida Man November 2

Florida Man November 2

An autopsy revealed that a Florida man was killed by an e-cigarette explosion earlier in the month.

According to an autopsy report, Talmadj D’Eliya, 38 years old died from an electronic cigarette that pierced his skull on May 5.

According to St. Petersburg police, his body was discovered in a house on fire in St. Petersburg.

According to autopsy reports, D’Eliya suffered thermal injuries to around 80 percent of his body. This includes his chest, shoulder, and abdomen as well as his arm, arm, and hand.

According to the autopsy report, the death was ruled accidental.

Christopher D’Elia, his father, said that “this is a terrible shock” earlier this month to ABC WFTS’s Tampa Bay affiliate. “A 38-year old man should not leave, and his mom and I are devastated.”

He said, “Anyone who lost a son doesn’t want anyone else losing a child to this,”

Christopher D’Elia described his son as intelligent and talented. He said about Talmadge D’Elia’s use of e-cigarettes: “I didn’t find it attractive. I asked him to stop using it at home because it was too unpleasant for me. He may have used it indoors, as his mother and I wasn’t there. 

The US Fire Department reviewed incidents between 2009 and 2016. It found that explosions or battery fires of e-cigarettes were very rare. However, the design and construction of e-cigarettes can make them behave like “flaming rockets” after they die.

According to the report, none of the victims of e-cigarette explosions or fires in the United States have died as of the writing date.

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