A Picture of Florida Man May 7

Florida Man May 7

After police claimed that he attempted to kill other sex offenders, a Florida man was taken into custody.

Jorge Porto Sierra (50) confessed to Osceola County Investigators that he attempted to kill several people at Kissimmee’s motel on March 7, WESH reported.

According to police, the man claimed that he went to Friendly Village Inn to set all child moles on fire.

According to the news channel, at least two of four victims were convicted of sex crimes.

Porto Sierra is reported to have made several threats, including the taunt “I’m going kill you child molester”, before allegedly spraying gasoline on the front door.

Witnesses said that Porto Sierra was smoking a cigarette at the time of the incident and hit the car with gasoline. Porto Sierra is also accused of breaking a window of a hotel to let gas in the room.

According to WESH, Porto Sierra claimed that he didn’t respond to his threats as they had “arrived too early”.

According to the TV station, he was charged with four counts each of attempted murder and is currently being held in Osceola County Jail without bail.

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