A Picture of Florida Man May 6

Florida Man May 6

Evidently, Jimmy John was not fast enough to help this Boca Raton drunken man.

Due to a dispute, Palm Beach police arrived at 330 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach at 10:00 PM. They found Matthew James Visconti, a drunken man who was aggressive and agitated. He also complained that he didn’t get the sandwich he had paid …”.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Matthew James Visconti tried to flee but was unable to resist police attempts to arrest. He was charged with resisting arrest without violence and beating a police officer.

According to police reports, Visconti hit the store manager and caused a cut across the bridge of the nose.

Visconti is alleged to have walked east on Clematis Street while the police were collecting information. Visconti allegedly said “To hell!” when he was told to stay as the investigation continued. Visconti: “Why am I returning?” ”

According to the report, Visconti, 22, allegedly kicked and elbowed two officers before being placed in handcuffs. After kicking the officers, he also tried to squeeze himself between two palm trees. He was then forced to put his leg on.

According to the report, Visconti was treated for facial abrasions in a local hospital before he was sent to prison.

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