A Picture of Florida Man May 5

Florida Man May 5

Authorities said that a Florida man wanted for drug charges didn’t prove to be a master of deception when he was taken into custody last week in a hideous blonde wig. He tried to get past police officers and was eventually arrested.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Robert Walls was stopped on his bicycle as he attempted to drive through the perimeter of police officers around the house he was staying at. The only difference was his long, blond hair. Agents quickly realized it was Walls disguised and took him into custody. Later, Walls told MPs that he knew that he was wanted. He used the wig to evade officers.
According to the sheriff, the arrest was part of a “serious drugs investigation”, which resulted in more than 100 arrest warrants.

Walls was charged with conspiracy to possess controlled substances, illegal use of two-way devices, and sale of controlled substances.

The sheriff’s office stated that “So, here is the moral of this story.” Don’t sell drugs, you don’t need to worry about jail. If you have a warrant don’t try and hide from law enforcement. And, most importantly, do not wear a disgusting hairpiece when you are trying to escape prison. By bicycle or by foot.

“I mean, come on, dude, have some dignity! “Yes,” the sheriff’s office said.

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