A Picture of Florida Man May 4

Florida Man May 4

May 4th. UPI. He was shocked when his neighbors in Florida warned him about an alligator living in his garage.

Sarasota residents in Palmer Ranch said that a neighbor saw the alligator on Wednesday afternoon in front of their open garage. Later, he noticed that the alligator was gone and that the garage was now closed.

Neighbors claimed that they warned the man about the possibility of an alligator hiding in the garage. He opened the door to discover that it was true.

Erica, a neighbor, starred Robbie Martin, Sarasota Sheriff’s deputy, catching an alligator.

A neighbor said that an alligator with no front paw was seen nearby and was released into a nearby lake.

Experts believe that alligator sightings are increasing in Florida as the mating season continues. This is because reptiles leave their homes to search for mates.

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