A Picture of Florida Man May 30

Florida Man May 30

ST. John County, Florida. WTLV reported that a Florida man was arrested for allegedly pulling out of a bus stop, then calling emergency services to clean him down.

Nicholas Jones, 19, is charged with reckless driving and misuse of emergency services. He also faces charges of violating probation.

The MP attempted to get into a white Hyundai on May 5th, as the car pulled out from the parking lot.

A little over an hour later, the 911 dispatcher called the St. John County Sheriff’s Office.

According to WTLV’s emergency call, the caller stated that he wanted to know why he was running away from police officers 30 minutes to an hour ago. “I was that guy who lived in the Kings Estates. You guys, what are you being paid for? I was able to drive past four police officers.

In confusion, the dispatcher asked: “What does it signify that you ran from the cop?”

“It was like he turned on my light and stood behind me. When he came to my front door, I covered him in a donut, and he left,” the caller stated.

The dispatcher inquires about the caller’s request for a meeting with an officer, and what the caller is asking.

The caller stated, “I have questions, I guess he posted an APB saying someone is looking for me, so he definitely got my license plate. But I only drove down the street and went through four cops. I was like, what are you guys doing here? ”

The dispatcher informed the caller that law enforcement was investigating a number of calls. The MPs used this call to trace the phone back towards Nicholas Jones. Jones was wanted in connection with an unrelated crime.

WTLV was informed by the arrest report that the deputies located a car with identical tags at a clothing shop the next day.

Jones was taken into custody and stated to MPs that he believed the policeman had no right not to stop him. I was watching him turn on the lights, sirens, and was ready to stop. But I didn’t want that to happen. ”

Jones realized it was his call that led to the officers finding him. He said, “That’s hilarious.” So I thought to myself: I’m not able to be caught by a police officer in my Hyundai Elantra. It’s fast, according to “WTLV reports.

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