A Picture of Florida Man May 3

Florida Man May 3

A Port Saint Lucie man was arrested for drug possession after he told officers he might have “multiple needles between his cheeks”.

Camon Christopher Holobau (24 years old) was arrested and charged for possessing a controlled substance with no prescription and drug paraphernalia. According to an affidavit obtained from TCPalm.com, Camon Christopher Holobau was also charged with possession.

According to Holobau’s affidavit, Holobau was seen at the 50 W. Midway Road post office around 3:00 a.m., April 23, after he had illuminated the sergeant using a high beam. “The message said that I was sweating profusely, and had unzipped my pants.

According to the report, a sergeant entered Kholob’s vehicle and found several small white pills. A prescription bottle of orange medication was also found. Eight tablets were identified to be morphine sulfate.

According to the report, Kholobau behaved suspiciously and “walked awkwardly” during the search. This was due to a past injury. Holobau also stated that he didn’t have a prescription for the drugs and that he got them from a friend.

Holobau then said that he could have more.

According to the report, Camon stated that he may have needles between his cheeks. According to the report, the sergeant searched Holobau for needles and found a bag with unused needles.

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