A Picture of Florida Man May 27

Florida Man May 27

GAINESVILLE (AP) – Gainesville’s neighbor claims that he is responsible for stray rabbits spreading in his neighborhood. The city has now fined him a second time.

According to The Gainesville Sun, 57-year old von “Aspen” Ruder has approximately 25 rabbits. This is more than the city’s 2rabbit limit.

The Gainesville Code Enforcement Department fined Ruder $ 521.50 on Friday. In March, he was awarded $ 271.50.

Ruder applied unsuccessfully to the city for a medical exemption that would allow him to keep rabbits. Ruder claimed that rabbits help him to deal with Tourette’s disease and PTSD after he lost his leg in a rock-climbing accident 30 years ago.

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Ruder claims he is not responsible for the outbreak of rabbits within the quiet community. However, he acknowledges that some of them are breeding and are losing their freedom.

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