A Picture of Florida Man May 26

Florida Man May 26

Mount Dora (WTFF – On Thursday, a Florida man was arrested after he allegedly threw spaghetti at his mother and then pushed her against a wall.

The Mount Dora police officer responded to the emergency call at 3:00 AM.

The victim was the mother of a Florida-based man.

She informed the police that Brandon Ogden, her son, was staying at her house tonight. He stayed there after his grandfather filed an injunction against them.

According to the affidavit, the 26-year old Idaho native from Florida took ten dollars from his mother earlier in the evening. His mom made him spaghetti after he returned later because he was “calm, collective.”

When his mom mentioned the stolen cash, he “got mad.” She also said to police that her son “had quit heroin and behaved irrationally.”

“Then Brandon threw some spaghetti on his mother, and” pushed him over the wall, “causing small lacerations.

He said that “demons were in her head, forcing her to attack him.”

She took him to another room and locked him up.

The bewildered creature “knocked down” the door and took all his belongings with him. He ran on foot.

He was found “sitting in the trailer” on his mom’s property and was arrested by police.

Brandon stated in pre-trial detention that he wasn’t sure “why his mom was using him to punch him” and also that there were “problems in the house and his mother was being evicted.”

According to his story, he made spaghetti for his mother.

He told her about the “tarot” card he had stolen, said the Florida man. He was surprised that he didn’t look like he was using tarot cards.

Under the trailer where he was sitting, a syringe and a silver spoon were discovered. He “muttered something about his found items” and then said that he didn’t know anything about the bag.

It can be charged from any household battery, but it cannot be charged with a regular power source. The bond costs USD 10,000

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