A Picture of Florida Man May 25

Florida Man May 25

It was fun, but it was not something that lasted.

One man from Florida was arrested for disrupting the wedding reception of two strangers. He bravely sneaked into the party twice before being captured by law enforcement.

Yahoo Lifestyle reports that Adam Dyke and Sadie Dyke were married at the Grand Plaza Hotel in St. Pete Beach on May 20. The dreamy ceremony went without a hitch. Mark Allen Saunderson, an intruder, was able to sneak into the reception, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. He reportedly enjoyed a snack and open bar dancing with the women at the party, similar to the scene in the 2005 hit film Crusher’s wedding.

Val Ritter, a wedding photographer, felt an odd interruption when the new Mrs and Mr walked onto the dancefloor together.

It was my first dance, and I was taking photos of the bride and groom. I feel like [Saunderson] was dancing behind me, touching me, and trying to get me attention, Ritter said Fox 13. I’ve experienced disruptions at weddings but they’ve never been so aggressive. ”

Ritter had photographed his dance moves and was shocked to see an alarming couple. Ritter captured the moment on camera.
“At first, we thought, “Is it your friend?” “Not. ” “Is this your friend?” Sadie Dyke shared with WTSP.

Jan Vanpolen, the witness, agreed with the WFLA.

“The bride thought it was funny. Vanpolen said that the groom was wrong. “Like no other suitors.”
Yahoo! reports that Saunderson was quickly reprimanded by his father and two brothers, but he didn’t stay long. Soon, the Land O’Lakes wedding planner returned to the party and entered through the kitchen. However, this time, the revelers didn’t find his antics to be so funny.

According to Fox 13, Saunderson was taken again by the Pinellas County Sheriff and detained on hooliganism charges. According to law enforcement officials, he was a drinker.

According to the WFLA, the party’s culprit was released from prison Tuesday morning.

Dykes says they won’t take offense at the intruder and will move forward. Fox 13 reports that Sadie plans to include this moment in her wedding album.

Ritter said, “When weddings go terribly wrong, it just becomes part of your wedding history and history.”

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