A Picture of Florida Man May 24

Florida Man May 24

ST. AUGUSTIN (AP) After he allegedly threatened two McDonald’s employees with a stun gun, a knife and shouted “Get out of my land!” the sheriff’s deputy said that the Florida resident is facing multiple charges.

It took place in St. Augustine, Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

Zayad Said and Mohamed Galal told St. John’s officers that John J. Smith, 60, approached them with a knife. Smith said that Smith “don’t deserve American food.”

According to the report, Smith claimed that Smith was being held at gunpoint and that they had killed his son. Smith is a US Marine who lost his life in combat in Afghanistan.

Smith is facing charges of aggravated attack, trespassing, and burglary.

The incident will be determined by the prosecutor’s office. A lawyer is not included in the prison records.

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