A Picture of Florida Man May 20

Florida Man May 20

Police stated that they found a Florida man convicted of disorderly driving at a hotel parking lot wearing unusual clothing after some time.

According to a report by The Smoking Gun, MPs claimed that Buford Carroll, a 30-year-old from Vero Beach, was wearing a white shirt and a hot pink bra underneath while parked in his car. Police also stated that Carroll smelled strongly of alcohol. According to The Smoking Gun, Carroll had very limited rights and was registered to another vehicle. His rights were also limited.

According to the police report, Carroll was also spoken to by the MP who discovered him. When the MP asked Carroll why he would drive beyond his restrictions, the girl responded, “Because I’m a dumbass!”

Carroll was accused of attaching tags to the car that weren’t there.

Although it is not clear why Carroll was wearing the bra, the police provided descriptions of 20 tattoos that he had, including the I-95 sign and the words “life of fighter”, as well as the Statue of Liberty equipped with a gun.

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