A Picture of Florida Man May 19

Florida Man May 19

Palm Coast (WTFF), Florida’s first grader could be suspended for lighting a fire in the school’s bathroom.

A fire alarm went off Friday afternoon at Rimfire Elementary School. Flagler County Sheriffs arrived to find that a first-grade student had set off a paper towel dispenser.

According to a press release he wanted to “change his mood ring color.”

A sprinkler system was activated, causing at most one class to flood.

No one died. There was no harm done.

Sheriff Rick Staley said, “I would like to thank the MPs that responded quickly to the elementary schools and helped the fire department and the school,” This highlights why every school should have a teacher helper. Fortunately, every elementary school will have one next year. He stresses that parents must be good parents and teach their children the right things. ”

Florida boy received a civic quote.

Rymfire Elementary is currently discussing disciplinary actions that could lead to a 5-day suspension for this little scoundrel.

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