A Picture of Florida Man 14

Florida Man May 14

Port Ritchie (WOFL FOX 35). Johnny Metheny, a self-taught musician, sits at an electric piano in his Port Ritchie house. Johnny has never played an electric piano before but is determined to learn the song. He can play with his right hand.

Metheny stated, “I got down pretty good on this site.”

He raises his left arm to the keyboard. This is the world’s first fully-mind controlled artificial hand.

Metheny stated, “This is called modular limb prosthesis,” as the robotic arm came alive and clenched one fist.
Metheny has used many different versions of Metheny’s hand over the years. However, the latest version has allowed him to use his left hand more fully than in the 15 years prior.

Metheny stated, “I lost my right arm to cancer.” He was referring to the rapidly growing cancer that started as a bulge in his left arm.
Johnny stated that only 4 people were affected by cancer, and it became life-threatening quickly. He said it was the most difficult decision he’d ever made.

“You will either lose a limb, or you will die. It was a simple decision. Metheny said,
Johnny’s left arm was amputated at the elbow. However, he survived.

Metheny, after a great deal of fear, said that the news that Metheny had saved his life from cancer for two years was life-changing. Metheny, a West Virginian, decided to do more to make his happiness a reality.

Metheny stated that he had advised doctors to make Metheny their guinea pig in order to help people with disabilities have a better life and use the best technology available to ensure that they have a better future.
Metheny eventually learned about a new implant-based tech, where a prosthesis attaches to a post that is implanted in human bones. Metheny stated that the process was not approved by the US but that he eventually accepted it.
Technology is not just a pole of metal coming out of his hands.

Scientists also connected nerves once found in Metheny’s hands to electronic devices. Instead of sending signals to his brain to “move the arm” or “move the fingers”, scientists have attached them to electronics.

We are now able to marvel at Metheny’s magical new hand. Metheny wears two bandages to his left bicep that mimic the movements of his muscles.

He said, “And he (the Group) connects it via Bluetooth to his elbow. This then transmits it through Wi-Fi to his computer in his hand.”
It’s a way to explain very complex technology. But it allows him to control his hand using the same brain signals as any other person would use for normal hands.

It is under control.

This technology was developed by Johns Hopkins University’s medical laboratories as part of an annual testing program for the Department of Defense.
Metheny stated that they are working to develop technology that can be used by soldiers who have lost their legs and want to continue serving.
Metheny believes this technology can make arm amputation easier.
“This is my hand. He said, “It is my hand.”

Johnny still needs to use a smartphone app from time to time to reset his hand and to tune some skills. But he says the situation is improving with each update. He said that there were already plans to add sensors to future versions of the app so that it could sense objects, heat, cold, and pain.
Metheny is currently a test subject for the program and said that he may have to quit. StarFish Prosthetics was his nonprofit to continue funding the project and to develop the technology so that others with disabilities can one day access it and regain their lost limbs.

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