A Picture of Florida Man May 13

Florida Man May 13

Last week, a man dressed in only his underwear was stun-armed after he entered the main lobby at Tallahassee Regional Airport claiming that he wanted to catch a flight.

Chris Haynes, 26, was questioned by police after he entered the main airport entrance and left his car in the unloading area. He did this just before 4 AM on May 5.

Haynes stated that he had to catch the plane and continued his journey towards the TSA checkpoint. He ignored several orders to stop, court records reveal.

Before being arrested, Haynes was shocked in his back as well as his buttocks. Haynes was not hurt and didn’t have an airline ticket.

Haynes was reported to have nunchucks in his police report. However, a Tallahassee police spokesperson said that the report was inaccurate. Haynes did not have weapons. Haynes was stopped by the officer who produced the stun gun to prevent him from reaching the airport terminal. He stated in the report that he wasn’t sure of the proximity of the other officers.

According to police reports, “The TSA checkpoint was unsafe and the subject could have gained access to the airport terminal’s airside.”

Chris Curry, airport director, stated that runway traffic begins at 6 a.m. on average and has not affected work.

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