A Picture of Florida Man March 9

Florida Man March 9

Florida’s amazing hip-hop dance routines have gone viral on social networks and attracted the attention of celebrities.

Vibe Dance Channel 1 posted an Instagram and Facebook video on Sunday in which a man totally destroys their dance program to Post Malone’s song “Wow”. The video was recorded at their Jacksonville studio. Jennifer Colvin choreographed the choreography. PopSugar identified Mike Alancourt, a Florida-based man in his 40s, as the dancing man.

The video was posted on Facebook almost 500,000 times and has received thousands of likes and comments.

Post Malone posted the video on Wednesday afternoon. The video received almost 2,000,000 views on the rapper’s page.

The celebrity commentator on Alancourt’s social media posts isn’t the only one. Will Smith shared the video to his Instagram account with the caption, “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This guy is killing this thing! Smith commented that Smith had found an account belonging to Alancourt, which has more dance videos.

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