A Picture of Florida Man March 5

Florida Man March 5

Pennsylvania Transportation Security Administration officers discovered Monday that parts of a military rocket launcher were missing from a registered bag belonging to a Florida man.

Officials determined that the launcher was a real replica after assembling all the pieces.

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein stated Tuesday that officials also discovered an “inert” copy of the grenade. Farbstein commented, “Thank God,” neither grenade nor grenade launcher failed to work. According to the TSA, a man from St. Augustine was traveling from Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Orlando, Florida.

According to TSA, the man claimed that he thought he could have carried a replica launcher in his registered backpack. TSA released a statement saying that “Contrary to the passenger’s belief, however, there are no imitation or realistic weapons allowed on the aircraft.” Release. “We remind people that anyone bringing weapons or copies to the airport could be subject to a civil penalty of up to $ 13,000.”

According to the TSA, the items were confiscated by the TSA and the man was allowed to board the plane to Florida.

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