A Picture of Florida Man March 4

Florida Man March 4

ORANGE DISTRICT (Florida). According to an arrest report, a man in Orange County was arrested after allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails inside his car. Darnell Adams, the owner of the parking lot, said that “he came back and began throwing cocktail bombs at his car.” According to the arrest report, Ayub Abdulrahman came to retrieve his vehicle after it had been confiscated and set it ablaze instead. The incident at the impoundment lot near South Orange Avenue & Fourth Street is being investigated by the state fire chief. Adams stated that he would hand over the keys to Abdulrahman because he had already paid nearly $ 300 for the car to be removed from the parking lot. But instead of driving home, the car was stuck behind tape left at the crime scene. Adams claimed he was going to give Abdulrahman the keys after he was caught on security cameras throwing incendiary bombs at cars. Adams stated that everything was captured on video and that he showed it to police officers. Adams said, “It’s as clear as day, throwing 3-4, 4, or 5 gas bombs over a fence.” MPs asked WFTV to not broadcast any of the videos during their investigation. The surveillance video proves Adams’ claims. Adams said, “I don’t even have it anymore.” Adams claimed that he got it. “20 minutes. He could have left in his vehicle if he had waited for twenty minutes.” Adams claimed that he was walking around the corner carrying the keys when he saw Abdulrahman run away. He chased Abdulrahman until he was arrested by the police. Adams claimed that his machine was capable of putting out the flames using a fire extinguisher. Adams said, “What if he came later and tried finishing the job and all my vehicles were on fire?” Adams expressed gratitude for only one car being involved in the accident. Adams stated that Adams had a paint shop at the back of his house. Adams explained that there were a lot of flammable materials there and it could have serious consequences for many people. Adams stated that the State Fire Service was investigating the incident.

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