A Picture of Florida Man March 30

Florida Man March 30

FORT MYERS (Florida), March 30. (UPI). Florida resident was surprised to meet a Florida panther while visiting his father in Fort Myers.

Florida Fish and Wildlife shared this photo by Phil Hendra. It shows a panther looking at the camera while it lies quietly on its father’s porch. Hendra stated that she stayed there for around 20 minutes, then laid down for a while. “He looked out the window at us, then slowly left. We have not seen him since.”

Hendra claimed that he only had one encounter with a young panther during the 30+ years his father lived in Lee County. However, they were still stunned to discover the animal.

He said that his parents had lived in the area since 1988. They may have seen a younger panther around two years ago but nothing can beat this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

False reports by the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute that the sighting occurred in the Oldsmar region of Pinellas County were also rejected by the Institute.

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