A Picture of Florida Man March 3

Florida Man March 3

It started as fun and games, but it quickly turned into a rescue mission for a grandmother who was on the ice in the form of a throne. She began to float with her on top of Iceland.

Judith Strang, a mother of her son, was in the country when she saw photographs of people photographing on the Yorkulsarion throne.

He had a comfortable shape. Its shape is easy to see, and it looks fun,” Judith Strang shared with ABC News.

Strang stated that “When I got into it started to wobble, and a wave came out.” “There was a huge wave that made the throne rock and I could see that I was sliding,” Strang said. She didn’t realize that the ice wasn’t strong as she had seen many tourists climb to the top. She began to flounder away.

A Florida man was sailing near the scene and saw what was going on and volunteered his help.

After being shared online, photos of the test quickly became viral thanks to Streng’s granddaughter.

Streng stated that she has no regrets over what happened.

“I thought it would be a lot of fun. I have always wanted to be a queen. She said, “It was, she said, my chance.”

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