A Picture of Florida Man March 26

Florida Man March 26

26 March. (UPI) A Florida couple claimed that their fishing trip was abruptly ended when a huge white shark appeared.

Kyle Morningstar, a 31-year-old Port Orange man, posted an Instagram video showing the meeting. He said that he and his friend Ian Smith, 27, were fishing at Turtle Mound, 27 miles off Ponce Bay when they encountered a large, white shark. Team Side Effects, his 23-foot boat, was next to him. Morningstar said to the Daytona Beach News-Journal Smith and he “fished at the bottom, fished using the trigger” at 2:30 pm. Saturday was the day that the “big gray drop”, or “big grey drop”, appeared in the water.

He said, “I was in shock.” “When he made it to the second round, I shouted at my friend and demanded that he take the phone and record a video.

Morningstar stated, “We were running around the boat and this monster shark circled around us, doing 2 circles, just testing us.” It wasn’t frightening.

Morningstar thought the shark was between 12 and 15 feet in length. Smith and Morningstar said they ran back to the shore when they saw the shark.

He said, “After he vanished, we hastened and went ashore.”

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